Scope of Our Project

Schools are common workplaces for both teachers and students and it is really important for them to

feel comfortable in order to do their best. There are a lot of demands which society is placing on

schools nowadays and existing legislations are constantly being improved with the idea of students

wellbeing but, as a matter of fact, the phenomena of bullying , harassment and in addition –

discrimination of various types which are still pressing. It becomes more and more obvious lately that

a good prevention plan and a fair treatment plan to deal with discrimination. Schools are in constant

search of ways and paths to involve students in the process.

The main idea of this project is that of diversity in all its aspects – every single student to accept the

differences, to tolerate them and not to think that due to ones` background or skin color ones are

more than the others. It also includes a need to think about a set of values as respect, acceptance

and tolerance. We believe in succeeding of promoting equality at all levels. That is why we stated our

objectives: To promote a new culture of tolerance, respect and care; to take care of

disadvantaged students meaning their inclusion; to pay attention to students` communication

and particularly to intercultural skills, to stimulate personal creativity and self-expression having

in mind to avoid a poor quality of learning results. Social inclusion is the core of our priorities and


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