ITALY -Istituto Comprensivo Statale Ignazio Buttitta (Project Coordinator )

Ignazio Buttitta School is situated in a suburb of  Bagheria, a town just a few kilometers from Palermo. It consists of three buildings: 31 classrooms (with interactive whiteboards, computers with Wifi connection, and tablets )two gyms, two computer labs, a multimedia lab, a Science lab, an Art lab and a meeting room, two offices, a room for the headmistress and a teacher room. The pupils enrolled are 625 aged4-14. Absemteeism, behavioral problems, early school leaving and low or lacking language competences are remarkable challenges for our institution. Our school, aware of the real risks and socio-economic disadvantages early school leavers can have for their future life, has always responded to this pressing issue activating strategies, hands-on approaches, afternoon classes and clubs aiming to strengthen the basic skills of students in order to compensate the disadvantages of their cultural, economic and social background and reduce the phenomenon of school dropouts.


Key persons involved in the project - Pagano Salvatore is a supporter teacher for students with learning difficulties, a project manager of active inclusiveness and an expert of inclusion issue. - Camilo De Lisi is a supporter teacher and an expert in ICT focusing on e-learning, using on-line environment (LMS) for project works and mobile devices. - Antonino Maggiore, a teacher of English, has experiences in international projects, he has been running projects for years such as Multilateral and Bilateral Comenius projects, Comenius Pupil Mobility, class exchanges, eTwinning projects and Erasmus+ KA2 projects. He has participated in Comenius in-service training mobility regarding Classroom Methodology, Creative Thinking and language assessment.




BULGARIA-"St.St. Cyril and Methodius" Comprehensive school

“Sv. Sv.Kiril i Metodiy” Comprehensive school has 780 students who are organized in 36 classes and 67 teachers. The school is situated in the town of Velingrad – a resort in the south-west of Bulgaria rich of hot mineral waters. It is one of the best in the region. A lot of smart and ambitious students study at school. They participate at a great number of activities, including languages, sport, singing and IT and got a lot of prizes. The teachers are all good professionals and they are constantly trying to do their best every other day. We are a public institution and we are hugely opened to new projects, people and cooperation. Since the school has got very good final /Matura exam results it is renowned in the province. It has been among the best schools for a couple of years in the region. We pay a lot of attention to the quality of teaching languages, IT and sport. We offer our students a choice of  3 foreign languages: English, German and Russian. Our school is trying to develop many of our students' interests by having a variety of subject clubs and extra-curricular classes. However, we do realize that partnership projects are one of the best ways to develop and broaden the mind of a student and a teacher. Thanks to this project, people can acquire, develop, share and practice not only language skills but also such important areas as healthy approaches, sport abilities, cooperativeness and team working and it is important for our students to be more

tolerant and to know more and more about the lifestyle, beliefs and culture of the other European countries.


POLAND​-Szkola Podstawowa nr 1 im. Stanislawa Staszica w Chodziezy

Primary School number 1 is a large school wchich houses 880 pupils and 81 teachers. It is a public school. Our students are at the age of 7 to 14. The school is situated in a beautiful town which is surronded by three lakes, amazing forests and it is not a problem to practise water sports in Chodziez. Both the regular didactic process and innovative programmes are held in the school, such as: football, swimming, finswimming, dancing, voleeyball. Importantly, all care activities, psychological and pedagogical work are served in the school. What is more, having indentified children who needs extra classses or special conditions to expand their skills and knowledge the school provides them with exceptional activities to help them learn more. The school is involved in some programs that develop pupils' competencies and influence proper psychophysical development, for instance, certificates such as: “ The school which promotes health”, “ We save and teach pupuls how to save”, “ Breakfast gives energy”, “ The club of safe Pooh”, “ Encode with class”, “ Technology oriented school certificate”, “ The school of good education certificate”, “ E –school Wielkopolska Voivodeship – a digital child encyclopedia of People who live there” , “ Do not smoke next to me, please”, “ School of Talent Explorers”, and pro-helth projects, such as: “ Fruit and Vegaetables”, “A glass of milk, “ A modern early education” . Each year the exchange between Polish pupils from the Primary School nr 1 and German ones from Nottuln is held. The school has 208 pupils who have opinions from psychological and pedagogical centre and 11 ones who have rulings. The school provides pupils with basic needs of education, like reading, listening, writing, communication and team skills, foreign languages, like English and German. The school encourages pupils to practise sport. Taken together, this situation brings about fruitful cooperation between local clubs and institutions, like: Sport and Recreation Centre in Chodzież, The School Sport Association, The Student Sport Club Delfinek, Having graduated from primary schools in Poland students go to secondary schools, vocational schools, or technical ones. The school needs motivating pupils to take part in extra classess and activities to gain the best possible results in schooling, competitions, sports ones, as well. This issue ensures the school to promote it in local newspapers, as well. Key persons Weronika Dutkiewicz – an English and a Biology Teacher Weronika is a school co - originator of the programme LOWE Paweł Idczak - an English teacher responsible for Polish and German pupil’s exchange, Bartosz Smaruj – a swimming and finswimming coach, the national junior

coach in finswimming in 2013 – 2016; a person who was awarded by the Minister of Sport for the achievemnts of his charges, Marzena Sałek – Jęchorek – an I.C.T. teacher and oanna Bochenek – a school pedagogue.

ROMANIA-Colegiul National "Alexandru Ioan Cuza"-

”Alexandru Ioan Cuza” National College is situated in Muntenia, a southern region in Romania, at 90 km from the capital city, Bucharest. Although it is located in a poor region, which faces a lot of social and economic problems, The students come from different social classes, with monoparental families(16%) or whose parents are working abroad (20%). That is why, the time spent in school compensates for the social time of the students, and the teachers try to engage students in many educational activities, including extracurricular ones, from different domains: culture, arts or sports.The high school has 60 teachers and 823 students, w between 15 and 19, who study in 31 classrooms. The purpose of the educational process carried out in this school involves not only the acquisition of knowledge and information, but also the development of the social, entrepreneurial and communicative competences, in an active way. “Europe’s Parade”, competition organized yearly by the local administration since 2008, and the international project “The art of dancing” initiated by the school, have both increased the students’ motivation to use their technological and communication resources, as well as the pleasure of working in a team under the guidance of a group manager. In order to be part of the 50 students who make up the group which represents the school in “Europe’s Parade” competition, the high school students have to explore their potential at the maximum, using the abilities and competences that they have in many domains: dancing, painting, sports, acting. The group is coordinated by 3 teachers who prove managerial abilities, imagination, creativity, tolerance, respect, team spirit. The students and the teachers in this high school have always proved openness towards other cultures, which has had as result a larger perception of European countries and not only. As far as difficulties are concerned, being situated in a poorly developed area, finacially speaking, our studnets do not have access to opportunities that will contribute to their cultural development. Key persons Valeria Gherghe - awarded the academic title of doctor, licensed in

Romanian Literature and Language. Her experience and expertise regard project management, coordination at county level of national programmes in the educational domain; evaluation and

implementation of projects with European funding; coordination, monitoring and scientific analysis of projects; technical and financial reporting. - Florin Stanoiu - manager of the school; he has a large experience in educational management and has made significant improvements to the learning conditions of the students in the high school he runs; - Felicia Aliu -she has been involved in quite a few extracurricular activities, the most significant isthe one organised by the European Parliament -Euroscola.



Our school is located in an area where learners in average come from similar social and economic background, which has been highly determining at academic success, normally expected by school
staff and ministry of education to achieve. Learners in our school have long seemed not enthusiastic to learn or take part in educational activities. Maybe, that's why we have demonstrated a strong cause to go a sea change in our educational understanding recently. We perform instructional
practices of the level of secondary grade, and we have difficulty to involve parents in our cooperationbased activities. Their unwillingness to provide us with support for the success of their kids is another source of hardships that cause slight or no achievement of our educational objectives. The number of students of us is 837 and we have 60 staff teachers . For the last 3 years since the approval of our KA1 project on Early School Leaving, we have shown great desire for the international identity of our
institution. We hold the belief that this will result in a new perspective of ours and that our students will have more opportunities to be equipped with 21st century skills and to get prepared for the competitive nature of the globalized world. Providing that we can achieve this mentioned goal, other schools will get the inspiration to take action in the same objective, which is likely to promote the quality in education. Technology in education has long been regarded as a factor in educational success, yet it is closely observed there is inefficiency considering its use. Although our classrooms have been equipped with smartboards, which are anticipated to contribute to educational goals, they are not safely claimed to be effectively used. Consequently, there is a clear need for our staff to get more qualified regarding the use of these educational tools. The coordinator of this project, Kadir DOKUR is an English teacher, he's open to innovations in education and keen on new partnerships believing that it is one of the most effective ways for international identity of our school. He is also keeping track of recent changes nonstop and easily said to be in good cooperation with school principle. This cooperation has created such an atmosphere in our school that our recently commenced KA1 and this new KA2 projects may be safely said not to belong only to those writing them but to all members of schools staff. Therefore, the expected possible positive impacts of them are predicted to be sensed and interpreted professionally and academically throughout school. Our school manager, Ercan GÜLKESEN is also so enthusiastic to learn and improve himself professionally, believing that this is important for not to show resistance for changes as innovations in our school. He's the key member involved in the implementation of this project.

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